Toni’s Story: Toni’s success provides her with a new lease on life!

“My self-esteem has never been better.”

55-year-old mother of three and grandmother of four, Toni, has battled obesity her whole life. Three years ago she reached her heaviest at 127kg. “I tried to lose weight my whole life, every time I started to exercise I got an injury - my knee or back – I even tore my Achilles tendon and spent eight months in a boot.” But Toni was battling a difficult health condition too, having been diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago. “I was having five injections a day with up to 200 units of insulin and taking up to five tablets a day. At the same time I was on two blood pressure medications, two different medications to help with fibromyalgia and another two for nerve damage to my feet.” Safe to say that Toni was facing a difficult enough challenge with reclaiming her health, let alone running her family and the two family businesses which had her working six-and-a-half days a week.

It was a chat with her endocrinologist that began to turn things around, where she was prescribed a new medication that would help both with the diabetes and weight loss. “I was able to lose 25kg mainly by keeping my meal portions small.” It was at this point that Toni decided to have another go at exercise. She joined Curves Belconnen in November 2014 and loved it from the start. “The exercise really helped control my blood sugar levels.” The following year Toni’s Curves coach approached her about forming some short term goals, one of which was to start Curves Nutrition Program. Even after only 2 weeks of being on the food program Toni was feeling better and no longer needed to take insulin and her blood pressure medication.

Within three months Toni had lost the final 13kgs and now has a new lease on life. “I have lost a total of 43kg during my time at Curves! I now do not need any insulin, blood pressure medication or fibromyalgia tablets. I was on 12 tablets a day now down to three - one for my nerve damage and two for diabetes.” Toni is thrilled with her progress with Curves and Curves Nutrition Program she says “I can finally say I love the way I look and feel my self-esteem has never been better.”