Kyla’s Story: Overcoming life’s hurdles to gain her life back

“I love myself now… I have more energy, I’m happier and can keep up with the kids!”

When Kyla Pembrey came to Curves she was sitting on the sidelines of her life as a mum. “I looked in the mirror one day and just didn’t like what I saw. I was a spectator to my kids’ lives - I couldn’t keep up with them or even play with them.” She decided to do something about it. After seeing a friend have success at Curves with weight loss she booked an appointment at her local Curves club.

Fast-forward two years, and Kyla had lost a staggering 35kgs. By sticking to a plan of Curves 30 minute work outs and walks combined with adjusting her diet with Curves Nutrition Program - she began to feel stronger and more confident. But life had another hurdle in store for Kyla. She was faced with a setback in the break down of her relationship. “After the relationship fell apart I started to lose my motivation.”

Soon after, Kyla moved to the NSW coastal town of Nowra. Determined to get her life back to normal, she transferred her membership to her local Curves club, but despite her efforts, just couldn’t lose those last 10kg’s. Her local Curves coach Dianne saw Kyla’s struggle and put together a plan - “Dianne talked me into a 12 Week Challenge which has been great!” Since starting the Challenge Kyla has lost another 8.5kgs and is officially under her goal weight. Committed to a healthier and more active lifestyle, Kyla vows to never go back to her heavier days again, “I love myself now… I really do love myself. I have more energy, I’m happier and can keep up with the kids!”

Curves has given Kyla a whole new lease on life with her family and her self confidence has improved drastically. “I’m so into clothes now - I have no money because shopping is actually a fun experience! I just love how Curves has become part of my life - half an hour daily workouts, regular walking and a healthier diet along with the support and help of the Curves team… it’s been invaluable.” Kyla has gone on to encourage her family to join Curves, with her mum and sister now Curves members too. “They’ve also lost weight and bettered their lives. They love it!”


Courtney’s Challenge

Persistence and dedication must run in the family for these girls, as Courtney (sister of Kyla) is the winner of the Summer 8 Week Challenge Competition in Nowra.

Since joining Curves two years ago Courtney has completed three challenges and lost an incredible 26kgs! The 8 Week Challenge was just what Courtney needed to keep her motivation up, losing an additional 6.4kgs!

Courtney says, “…being strong is not just about being physically strong, it’s about being mentally strong too and that’s what Curves has taught me.”