Getting your partner on board with your fitness plan

Making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle is the first step in realising a healthier and happier you. One way to help ensure your success is to earn the support and assistance of your spouse or partner. Being able to count on their encouragement and understanding along the way can pick you up during the hard times and help you over any little speed bumps along the way.

Get your partner’s buy-in.
Although your spouse wants you to succeed, they might feel uneasy by the changes you’re making for yourself and your family. For example, being more active and going to Curves regularly might take you away from home more often. Or perhaps you changed your Wednesday night “pizza and a movie” to salad and a long walk. To help ease the stress of change, get your partner involved in making the new choices. Ask them if they’d rather have grilled salmon or lemon chicken, and if they’d like to go with you on a nice walk after dinner.

Work together as a team.
One way to get your spouse involved is to find a healthy activity that you can both enjoy together. This takes the focus off you and encourages mutual support. Here are some ideas that can get you both working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Work together to prepare meals. Even if your partner doesn’t cook, they can help prep by gathering ingredients, chopping veggies, stirring sauces, etc. Food always tastes better when you cook it yourself, especially when you know it’s good for you.

Encourage your partner to work out. You can get healthier at the same time without doing the same workout! Encourage your spouse to workout at the same time you go to Curves. This leaves more time together if you have both accomplished a workout simultaneously!

Get active together. One way to get healthier together is by making a commitment to a sports club that meets once a week. Tennis, golf, even bowling all have co-ed leagues where couples can be active together in a fun and competitive way. Or, sign up for a 5km charity walk together.

Share your rewards with your partner.
As you progress through your fitness goals, you’ll likely reward yourself at certain benchmarks along the way. When you do, share some of those rewards with your spouse. Perhaps you can go golfing on a special course or go to dinner at that new seafood restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. What you do or how much you spend isn’t as important as sharing the experience with your partner.

Getting into shape and living a healthy lifestyle will be much more pleasant and rewarding if your spouse is there to support you. Getting their buy-in, working as a team and sharing your rewards can help ensure your long term success.