Success Stories


Curves Eltham

Now I believe in myself and have increased self-confidence. I set challenges and have a “can do” positive attitude that has infiltrated all other aspects of my life. The Curves work out is enjoyable, achievable and something I look forward to on a daily basis. Curves is brilliant! It’s an achievable and realistic program encompassed in a 30 minute workout that is in a fun and friendly environment.


Curves Atherton

I am strong, healthy and happy. This is wonderful. Curves has radically changed just about ever aspect of my life. I am healthy. I know how to eat good food which does good to my body. I have a full and active life which is something I never had. I go dancing and will be the last one on the floor. Best of all, I laugh a lot these days. I have made new friends and learned to get rid of bad ones. I also don’t run myself down anymore. My confidence grows daily as I progress on this wonderful life journey.


Curves Kerikeri

Curves has totally transformed my life. I am no longer having panic attacks or suffering from anxiety or depression. On those down days, I knew I had to get my butt into Curves as I always felt better after a workout. I no longer feel like my partner could do way better than me or embarrassed for him when we are together.

Curves is like another family to me. The kind that motivates me and encourages me every step of the way. What an amazing bunch of girls!


Curves Chartwell

Two colleagues had joined and one in particular had lost a lot of weight. She inspired me to join too. Working full time in a stressful job and being a full time mum to two teenage boys has made going to the gym and sticking to the meal plan, very challenging. But since joining Curves, I’ve lost 46 kilos. These days, I’m eating and exercising a lot better.
I have the knowledge from Curves coaches to better understand this. I have more energy, more confidence. Physically and mentally I am healthier than ever.